Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955 Battery EB-BG955ABA




Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955 Battery EB-BG955ABA

This is a new battery for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and will replenish your battery life back to factory fresh standards. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has had a hard life and doesn’t last as long as it used to, or it has had a battery failure and no longer powers up then this part could be for you!

Important: 1. Our battery is sent out with some power (sometimes with no power), so please be fully charged for about 4 – 6 hours before first using, the phone must be turned off. 2. The light signal may not always indicate a full charge, but the battery will be at full capacity after 3 complete charge and discharge cycles. 3. Complete charging (upon phone is turned off) and discharging will extend battery life. 4. After you go through 2 to 3 cycles, you’ll never have to condition your battery again!


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